I am an artist and community activist based in London. I come from Lithuania and received traditional academic education in figurative painting. However, in later years I abandoned my previous interest and found myself again in group creativity and community engaged art.

One of my passions is organising community engaged creative projects. I am a freelance artist working mainly with underprivileged communities in East London. I run events, do art workshops, design maps for exploring the neighbourhood and its history. All the work I do is designed to be accessible to anybody and dedicated to the working class people. Instead of building a career in the art world I chose this path because I think that this way I create much more value for the society.

In addition I do creative work with the DAMPT collective. We do situationist style improvised activities, such as playing 3-sided football, making pickets, hexing and psychogeography. For example, in 2017 we organised the 2nd 3 Sided Football World Cup in Kassel, superimposed with the Documenta exhibition happening at the same time. During this event there was an official tournament and unofficial games in various impromptu public locations. The aim of our activities is to unionize on a proletariat basis, fight against white (serious) culture and joyfully celebrate the death of art. 

Even though I do not consider myself a traditional artist, I am skilled in various media, such as: academic drawing, painting, carpentry, printmaking, sewing, graphic design and film. I would describe myself as a passionately curious person. Instead of focusing on one discipline I like to be creative in a broad sense and learn anything I need to know in order to turn my ideas into creative projects.